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Technologies we master in

Web Presence

This "Global Web Presence" package is available as is, or customizable to your specifications. We built it the way you need it.

Complete global web presence includes:

  • Website design and development
  • Mobile optimization of website
  • App development for mobile devices
  • Social network integration on every layer of your web presence from the core website, to the apps, and throughout. This means:
  • Setting up Facebook app, Facebook page, Google plus page
  • Integrating Facebook and Twitter widgets, or other services as per client request
  • Integrating login option with Facebook, Twitter and / or Google+

Intranet solutions

In building your intranet solution, we evaluate all your requirements, and design it to best fulfill those requirements. And then, we develop it. Yet, when all is done, we still don't leave you in the dark, we train your employees to use it, if you want us to.

Our intranet Solution package (for managing internal company functions effectively and securely) include:

  • Internal company net and / or software development based on client needs
  • Hosted either locally or remotely
  • Interface design to match the type of solution you need
    (e.g. intranet interface to mimic the look and feel of the global Internet; software interface to contribute to ergonomic wellness in hours-long usage).

The Mobile Enterprise

This Mobile Enterprise solution enables executives and “on-the-move” employees to use their time wisely instead of having to deal with tedious tasks, or having to find time to go into the office when their time is more productive on-the-go. We custom build it to your particular needs.

Our Mobile Enterprise package include:

  • Develop mobile app (for android and / or iphone) to fulfill particular purpose for the company
  • Executives and other “mobile” employees have the app installed on their phone
  • The app allows taking care of particular tasks when on the road or not at the office
  • Make change or entry. App updates immediately. Updated info is available to all who are connected.
  • Unlimited or customizable limited access available to different levels of employees.
  • Hosted on company servers or other subscription-based hosting solutions, as per client request

About Solutions

Our solutions aim to fulfill the comprehensive and longer-term needs that established companies oftentimes require, and growing companies also consider. From designing and building the appropriate software for the comprehensive IT needs of the company, to providing long-term maintenance and support, we are there for you to help fulfill your goals. You set the goals, we customize the solutions. If the above solutions need additions to match your requirements, we bundle them with any of our services, or custom built it from scratch.

We Work With All of The Following

Media & entertainment platforms
Educational organizations
Nonprofit organizations
Blogs and journalism
Real estate
Social Media

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