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When you partner with us for your business solutions, we provide you with Microsoft certified solution providers, who can help to identify your business requirements and provide the best solutions for your highest revenue goals to be fulfilled. We help your business to grow with agility and dynamism.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A dynamic software package for customer relationship management, it enables you to interact with your potential customers for better productivity. It is able to synchronise your marketing, sales and customer service to make your online presence more effective. You can track your existing customers and find potential ones, with automated task managers.

Microsoft Bot

Your website needs the perfect systems to understand and interact with your clients needs, to provide them the best products/ services suited for them. This is possible with our web development using the best Chatbot platforms which give you the virtual customer assistance you need for a stress free operation of your retail sales. Utilise the benefits of Artificial Intelligence platforms which integrate with your apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype for Business etc.


It is a document management and storage system from Microsoft for content management. Your entire database of pdf files, images, videos, tasks and contacts can be uploaded and used by cross platforms for your online business. Content management and collaboration are the keys to a successful integration through SharePoint platform.

DotNet Development

An open source platform for developing tools for apps, our web developers ustilise the benefits of Framework Class libraries to operate across several programming languages. This gives a truly high class website for your business needs including web, mobile applications and microservices.

We’re there every step of the way. We maintain your apps, analyze performance, and keep everything up to date.
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Our Process

We are in the business of helping companies grow their business.

Our solutions range from website design and development, to custom-designed mobile application development, to operations-critical software or intranet development, to electronics gadget development, and even to providing dedicated resources to fulfill companies' interim IT needs.

Do You want To

  • Introduce new products and services?
  • Make your brand come to life?
  • Reach a broader audience?
  • Capture leads for better marketing and outreach?
  • Or even promote existing services to your current audience?

Then you’ll have a much harder time doing those things without our tried-and-tested app development service. Remember, we stay with you through the lifecycle and beyond.

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Each employee has 3+ years of experience and is supervised by a technical lead
Ironclad NDA's. We don't share the nature of your work with anyone
You'll also free project management with your team
We pair you with developers whose talents specifically match your individual needs
You get to choose whether to hire your developers on a full-time or hourly basis
All of this is backed by a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Cancel at any time
No setup fees, so you only pay for the work done
As always, your results get delivered ahead of schedule
Transparency is guaranteed. We share a detailed work timesheet via project management tools and Google Docs

It was very nice to work with websofttechs, i will definitely use him for my future projects

Miro Veckovic

Websofttechs had a vast knowledge of what I needed to have done. He was very fast and I consider him to be among the best.

David Stanton

Thank you again for great work. Very high quality. No words to express how happy I am.


Thanks for the great work. Provided many different files as per request. Thx

Mash Moorjani